The Many Faces of Divorce

Divorce does not come one size fits all.  Those of us that have been there know that, so I have decided to start a series called The Many Faces of Divorce.

This series will cover all the different reasons divorce happens.  Whether it is falling out of love, growing apart, cheating, abuse of any kind, homosexuality, boredom or just making the wrong choices.

This series will cover not only the reasons, but how these reasons affect not only the parties involved in the divorce but the children as well.  Divorce is a devastating process, no matter what the reason, and it affects us all in different ways.

This series will also help you recover from each of the many faces of divorce.  In the end, this blog is about recovery, and although the information will cover the basics of the pain, we will still focus on the path to empowerment and how to get there.

If you would like to have a specific face of divorce discussed, please leave a comment below or contact me here, and I will put it on the list.

Acknowledge, Accept, Empower and Heal.

Sarah Bates

During my 5 years in the divorce industry, I gained a lot of knowledge.  Knowledge of the court system and how it works, knowledge on how to let go of the anger, knowledge on how to communicate and most importantly, knowledge on how to empower power people to stay out of court.

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