Featured on Mamapedia.  Read about how to create new traditions in your newly divorced life with your kids.

You can also find me at My Care One, where I discuss finances and second marriages.

For those of you who don’t know this, because you have lived under a rock, Huffington Post has started a divorce section.  A friend sent me a tweet about articles they were looking for, and I submitted.  They accepted.  And asked me to be a regular contributor.

If you are interested in what I am doing over at Huffington Post, you can find me here for all my posts and here is my first post.  Would love feedback on the articles, comments, tweets and likes.  Oh, and I am not above begging and bribing for it.

Sarah Bates

During my 5 years in the divorce industry, I gained a lot of knowledge.  Knowledge of the court system and how it works, knowledge on how to let go of the anger, knowledge on how to communicate and most importantly, knowledge on how to empower power people to stay out of court.

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